Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Practices for Throwing Stones....

Best Practices for Throwing Stones at Women Protesting
the Legalization of Marital Rape

1 Choosing the stone

Crouch in the sun. Close
your eyes and dream of frying bread.
Sweep the ground with your palm.
Gather dust.
Hold and caress the dust.


Whatever hardness meets your hand, grasp it.
Whatever softness meets your hand, taste it.
Spit it out.
Do this for 800 years,
until you know,
and the world also knows,
you are stone and dust.


2 Protecting the stone

No one sees the stone but you
and those who share your bread.

3 Teaching the stone

There are three words the stone should know:
Dog. Whore. Infidel.
The stone should know these words well.

4 Aiming the stone

Aim for the mouth.
Either she will choke and be silent,
or she will swallow the stone, vomit bread for you,
and be silent.

5 Throwing the stone

Think of blood, of bread,
of shadowy hatred.
Think of wind racing
over a field of poppies.

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  1. I read about this and wondered if I'd have had the chutzpah to stand with those women. Surely their husbands were supportive of them standing together, otherwise they'd be staying at home. They probably knew what would happen to them. Could their families mourn publicly for them?

    Their opponents remind me of the "people" who stoned the early Christians and the Jews, the Huguenots, and whomever else wanted personal liberties and freedom to live. These women were martyrs for a greater cause and I hope their memories will be Eternal even though the evidence of their existence will be stamped out on Earth.